How It Works


Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation holds one cycle of grant applications per year. They will issue two types of grants: Non-Competitive Grants and Competitive Grants.

  • Non-Competitive grants are grants determined by the board and will include funding for the Greene County Community Foundation and the Community Foundations of each of the six contiguous counties to Greene County, they include — Boone, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Guthrie & Webster. Non-Competitive grants are also awarded to the seven municipalities in Greene County and based on population. Non-Competitive Funding to schools in Greene County is awarded based on the schools enrollment.
  • Competitive grants are grants for which an application is required. They will be compared to other requests and financed based on board criteria and funds available. Competitive grants will be awarded by the Grow Greene County Board once per year in the spring.

Grow Greene County awards competitive grants of $35,000 and more. If an organization is applying for less than $35,000, it should apply for grants through the Greene County Community Foundation. Funding for organizations in the contiguous counties will go through their own county community foundation.


Grow Greene County will release a brand new online grant application portal on October 1, 2023.  Applications will only be accepted online.  Watch for the opportunity to attend a workshop walking you through the online process.