Application Guidelines & Requirements

The entire application must be submitted digitally via email to [email protected] by the deadline of February TBD at 4:00 PM CST.
If mailing a grant application packet it must be postmarked by  February TBD  and mailed to Grow Greene County PO Box 437 Jefferson, IA 50129. A digital copy of the grant must also be emailed to [email protected]
If hand delivering the grant application packet it must be dropped off at Greene County ISU Extension & Outreach 104 West Washington, Jefferson during normal business hours. If hand delivering on February TBD, 2022 it must be delivered to the Greene County ISU Extension & Outreach office by 4:00 PM. If hand delivering the hard copies of the grant application packet, keep in mind a digital copy must also be emailed to grow greene [email protected]

Grow Greene County Competitive Grant Application

  1. The grant application is available to download on October 1, 2022, or via email from [email protected]  Completed applications must be submitted digitally via email by  February 23, 2023. Grants can also be dropped off during normal business hours to Greene County ISU Extension & Outreach 104 West Washington, Jefferson. On February 23rd grants must be delivered to their office by 4:00 PM. Again, we encourage digital submission via email but will accept hard copies.
  2. All applicants should be aware that their applications, and any required supporting materials, become public documents after submission. Non-profit organizations may need a letter of designation as a tax-exempt organization from the IRS, and a current Certificate of Existence from the Iowa Secretary of State stating that the applicant is an active Iowa non-profit. If the applicant organization files a federal IRS 990 or 990-N tax return, Grow Greene County may ask for a copy.
  3. If the project takes place on a state or local government property, school property, or with government equipment, then the project must be listed on a resolution from the local government or school district acknowledging it. A copy of the resolution must be provided.
  4. Letters or documentation of confirmed matching funds, on the letterhead of the funding source, would be appreciated. Please be aware that it may take several weeks to obtain these documents, so plan accordingly before submitting a grant.
  5. A copy of the Grow Greene County Competitive Application can be found here to download for your planning purposes.  We encourage you to use the online application for submitting your grant. Grow Greene County 2023 Competitive Application will be available here on October 1.

How Much Can You Apply For?

The minimum grant request to Grow Greene County is $35,000. Grants less than $35,000 must be submitted to the Greene County Community Foundation:

Who Can Apply For Grow Greene County Competitive Grants

  • Organizations that serve the residents of Greene County
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government entities, such as municipalities, school districts, and county
  • Groups sponsored by a government entity or another non-profit that agrees to manage the grant funds as a fiscal sponsor.

Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation (also known as Grow Greene County) will generally not consider funding requests for the following:

  • Ongoing annual operating expenses
  • Any project at 100%
  • Financial support for individuals or their families
  • For-profit organizations or programs.
  • Membership in civic or social organizations
  • Endowment funds
  • Projects directly related to religious worship
  • Political activities
  • Annual campaigns or capital campaigns for private organizations
  • Fundraising events or activities – both private and public

Grow Greene County Competitive Grant–2023 Grow Greene County Competitive Grant Application-Click to Download

If Awarded a Grow Greene County Grant

Competitive grant awards are made once per year in April. Representatives must attend the Grow Greene County Awards Night and must acknowledge Grow Greene County in project publicity & marketing related to the project for which they receive funds.

Grant recipients are required to complete a Grant Reporting Form by December 15th of the year funding is received and subsequent years until the project is completed. If they fail to do this the recipients may not be eligible for future Grow Greene County grants.

Grow Greene County Reporting Form for Greene County Municipalities and Greene County Grantees—-GGC 2022 Report Due Dec 15

Grow Greene County Reporting Form for contiguous counties community foundations—-GGC 2022 Report Due Dec 15 Tables