Grow Greene County to fund gym, performing arts center for new HS

Grow Greene County to fund gym, performing arts center for new HS
February 22, 2018

GreeneCountyNewsOnline – February 22, 2018

Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation’s board of directors have pledged $4.5 million for the athletic and arts center for the Greene County Community School’s new plan for a high school and regional academy.

The vision of this non-profit is to positively grow Greene County for families and businesses to thrive. The mission is to serve as a catalyst to leverage and coordinate resources, while providing opportunities for leadership and vision. This project encompasses these priorities, and the board is proud to be able to make this contribution.

As a part of the county-wide Vision 2020 project, Grow Greene County board members were involved in the steering committee. Supporting the school in their quest for new and updated facilities was named as the top priority. Providing top-notch facilities along with the opportunity to work with Iowa Central Community College to support our local industries in the upcoming school bond referendum is a huge benefit for the people of Greene County. The Grow Greene board of directors decided that funding of the athletic and performing arts center takes this tax burden off taxpayers in the Greene County School District. This also addresses concerns from the past school bond elections that included a competition gymnasium.

Grow Greene County began distributing funds in April of 2016 through grants and awards. Funding decisions for Grow Greene County are made by the non-profit’s board of directors with no state requirements. Of the approximately $1.4 million each year, the board chose to award Greene County municipalities based on a population formula with a cap, and the two Greene County schools based on enrollment. These entities have been contacted and their awards will be slightly lower than last year, but they are still receiving funding for projects of their choice. The Paton-Churdan Schools will be awarded funds as before. The Greene County Schools will defer their award towards the Grow Greene County pledge over the next years.

Grow Greene County will continue its commitment to funding the Greene County Community Foundation. Funding will be more than the amount it would have received from the state of Iowa as a non-gaming county. Annual funding allocations for Greene County are subject to modification by the board.

The six contiguous counties will continue to receive an award to distribute as Grow Greene County funding. This commitment was made at the time of the casino application and will continue to be honored.

Grow Greene County board members plan to set aside funds for the Greene County Community School’s athletic and performing arts facility if the school bond would pass. The board will continue to distribute funds annually through its grant process. Grant applications were received on Feb. 15, with the awards night planned for the same night as the school bond election – April 3, 2018.


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