Grow Greene County distributes $1M during Facebook Live event

Grow Greene County distributes $1M during Facebook Live event
April 08, 2020

GreeneCountyNewsOnline article – April 8, 2020

In past years, Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation, the local nonprofit corporation that holds the state gaming license in Greene County, has held a festive event at the Greene Room at Wild Rose Casino to distribute charitable funds generated by gaming at Wild Rose. This year, which will be remembered as the COVID-19 year, Grow Greene County distributed more than $1 million in grants without shaking a single hand.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the Grow Greene County board still wanted to bring some excitement to its annual awards. Sticking with the CDC recommendations, the board kept their groups to a minimum and went Live on Facebook three times starting at 6:30 on Tuesday, April 7. Board members were strategically placed at three locations in Greene County to announce the competitive award winners along with other awards that were given out this year.

Under agreement with Wild Rose Entertainment Inc., Grow Greene receives 5 percent of the local casino’s adjusted gross gaming revenues to distribute to nonprofit, governmental and charitable organizations. Of that total, 4.1 percent went to projects in Greene County and 0.9 percent was shared equally by the community foundations in the six counties contiguous to Greene County.

The awards given out April 1 represented gaming revenues at Wild Rose Jefferson during calendar year 2019. Grow Greene County’s 5 percent share amounted to $1,426,597. Grow Greene County also received .0075 percent of adjusted gross sports gaming receipts. That amounted to $387.35 in the two months sports gaming was legal in Iowa.

Distributed grants included $125,000 to the Greene County Early Learning Center for its building fund. The grant is the first of four equal payments Grow Greene County has pledged for construction of a new center. Greene County Development Corporation also received $125,000 for special projects. GCDC plans to focus on housing, the Three Block Project in Jefferson, and a countywide marketing plan.

The Scranton fire department received $72,000 to replace a 1991 “first attack” pickup truck with a 4-wheel drive, heavy duty 1-ton crew cab pickup truck and a high pressure unit to mount on it. Greene County Medical Center/Greene County public health received $40,000 which will be used to purchase a vehicle and implement transportation to medical appointments for Greene County residents in need.

Also distributed was $150,000 to the Greene County Community Foundation for its grantmaking activities; $20,000 to Greene County Medical Center as the last of a five-year, $100,000 commitment for the expansion/renovation project; and $67,000 to the new Greene County animal shelter, the second payment of a three-year commitment.

The Paton-Churdan school district received $30,000. Grow Greene County continues to pay on a $4.5 million pledge toward the gymnasium and auditorium at the new Greene County High School.

Municipalities received funds on a per capita basis as follows: Churdan – $16,204; Dana – $2,984; Grand Junction – $34,599; Jefferson – $40,000; Paton – $9,913; Rippey – $12,258; and Scranton – $23,386.

The community foundations in each contiguous county – Boone, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Guthrie and Webster – received $42,810.

The Grow Greene County board of directors includes president Norm Fandel, vice president Craig Marquardt, secretary Peg Raney, treasurer Bob Allen, and board members Lori Mannel, Brenda Muir, Kate Neese and Rick Morain. Ex-officio board members added in 2019 are Greene County supervisor Dawn Rudolph and Jefferson city council member Matt Wetrich. Board attorney is Mike Mumma and Cindy Duhrkopf is the part-time administrative assistant.


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