Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation holds two rounds of grant applications per year — spring and fall. They will issue two types of grants: Competitive Grants and Non-Competitive Grants.

Competitive grants are grants for which an application is required. They will be compared to other requests and financed based on board criteria and funds available. Competitive grants will be awarded by the Grow Greene County Board once per year in the spring.

Non-Competitive grants are grants determined by the board to be funded on a set percentage and per capita basis and will be funded at several times of the year. The spring cycle will include funding for the Greene County Community Foundation and the Community Foundations of each of the six contiguous counties — Boone, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Guthrie & Webster. The fall non-competitive grant cycle will be for Greene County Schools and Municipalities.

Grow Greene County awards competitive grants of $35,000 and more. If an organization is applying for less than $35,000, it should apply for grants through the Greene County Community Foundation. Funding for organizations in the contiguous counties will go through their own County Community Foundation.

The applicants for Grow Greene County funds will follow this application process. Application forms are available here, and all supporting documentation should be submitted by mail to Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation.

Competitive Grant Applicants should be aware of the following

  1. All applicants should be aware that their applications, and any required supporting materials, become public documents after submission.
  2. If the applicant organization files a federal IRS 990 or 990-N tax return, Grow Greene County may ask for a copy if needed.
  3. Non-profit organizations may need a letter of designation as a tax exempt organization from the IRS, a current Certificate of Existence from the Iowa Secretary of State stating that the applicant is an active Iowa non-profit. Government bodies and schools do not require this documentation.
  4. If the project takes place on state or local government property, school property or with government equipment, then the project must be listed on a resolution from the local government or school district acknowledging it. A copy of the resolution must be provided.
  5. Letters or documentation of confirmed matching funds, on the letterhead of the funding source would be appreciated. Please be aware that it may take several weeks to obtain these documents, so plan accordingly before submitting a grant.

Letter of Intent for Greene County Schools & Municipalities


Competitive Project Completion Report


Final Grant Report for Greene County Schools & Municipalities