Free Fundraising 101 Workshop sponsored by Grow Greene County

Free Fundraising 101 Workshop sponsored by Grow Greene County
September 18, 2020

Raccoon Valley Radio – September 18, 2020

With COVID-19 taking away lots of events and potential fundraisers, Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation is sponsoring a workshop for some outside the box ideas.

The Fundraising 101 class will be led by ISU Extension Economic Development Specialist Lynn Adams at Cloverhall on the Greene County Fairgrounds Thursday, September 24th from 3-8pm. Greene County Extension Director and GGCGC Board member Lori Mannel describes what participants will get out of the workshop.

“There’s going to be some team building and some networking among the participants. So we’re kind of all in the same boat, whether it’s limited funds, and more ideas than what money allows, which is great, that’s what we’re all about. (You will also learn) how to build those relationships, how to engage those constituents, and how to make those strong connections.”

The class is free, a meal will be provided and there is a limit of two people per organization. Call 515-386-2138 or stop by the Extension Office in Jefferson to sign up.


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